Teej-2069 contest, Radio Thaha Sanchar

Radio Thaha Sanchar organized a Teej-2069 open Teej singing contest on Friday, Bhadra 29, 2069 (September 14, 2012) in Makawanpur. In the event, reputed singer Mandabi Tripathi was also present as the chief judge. Mandabi also used the opportunity to sing a Teej songs. With Anjan Dahal Mandabi sang ‘Simple Simple Kanchi…’ too.


In the contest 16 different groups had participated. Adarsha Mahila Krishak Samuha won the Teej-2069 contest. Second and third place winners were Makwanpur Lok Dohori Samuha and Shristi Samuha respectively. The winning group was awarded cash prize of Rs. 7,500. The second and third place winners received Rs. 5,500 and Rs. 3,500 respectively.

In the event, Mandabi was honored by the Radio Thaha Sanchar 99.6 FM.


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