Durga Gurung is Miss UK Nepal 2012

Congratulation to our online poll participants, Miss UK Nepal 2012, Durga Gurung was also your first choice with 31% votes. Although Ashika couldn’t make it, Rosy was also one of the top three in our visitors’ choice!

In an event held in London, the contestant number 1, Durga Gurung, was crowned the Miss UK Nepal crown of the year 2012.  In the event the contestant number 4 Parika Ale was selected the first runner-up and the contestant number 10 Nayan Gurung was awarded the second runner-up titles.


In addition to the Miss UK Nepal crown, Durga was also awarded the Miss Best Figure title. Similarly in addition to the first runner-up, Parika was awarded Miss Talent. The second runnerup Nayan was also awarded Miss Personality title.

Among the others, Tina Purja was awarded Miss Catwalk and Rosy Oli was awarded Miss Photogenic and Public Choice awards.

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