Miss Lekhnath 2012 – contestants profiles

Please write in comment, who do you think will win the Miss Lekhnath 2012 title, to be held on 25 August, 2012 ?

Miss Lekhnath 2012 contest details was posted previously. This post presents the contestant profile of each participant.

There are a 28 contestants in the first Miss Lekhnath beauty contest. Here are the profile of all the contestant beauties.

Miss Lekhnath 2012 contestant number 1, Sanam Thapa, is 18 years old and loves dancing and singing.


Miss Lekhnath 2012 contestant number 2, Asin Gurung, is 16 years old and loves dancing and watching TV

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Durga Gurung – Miss Nepal 2015 contestant

The original title of this post was : “Durga Gurung – Miss UK Nepal 2012 contestant”. On April 6, 2015 the title is renamed for her participation in the Miss Nepal 2015 contest.

Video profile of Durga Gurung:

This post was posted before Durga was crowned Miss UK Nepal 2012.

durga grg miss uk nepal crown
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Ashika Rai – Miss UK Nepal 2012 contestant

The contestant no. 6 of Miss UK Nepal 2012, Ashika Rai, is originally from Kathmandu in Nepal. The 22 years old beauty Ashika is doing BSc in Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies.


Ashika’s hobbies include taking flying lessons, learning new things about aircraft, social service, reading inspirational novels and learning new things

Ashika aims to work within an aviation safety sector, commence Masters in Aerospace Engineering.

Further plans of Ashika include – to go back to Nepal and help bring changes in the current legislation protocols of aviation. She believes current legislation protocols of aviation don’t prioritize safety as much as required.

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