Miss Teen 2012 (contestant profiles and Facebook links)

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The audition of Miss Teen 2012 was held on July 21, 2012.


Audition Participants of Miss Teen 2012.

Contest details:

miss-teen-2012_LOGOThis year’s Miss Teen organized by the Fashion Plus is being held on September 1, 2012. Talent show of the contestants will also be held on August 24, before the grand finale. In the contest following are the title awards to be won:

  1. MISS TEEN 2012: Winner
  2. MISS TEEN 2012: First Runner-up
  3. MISS TEEN 2012: Second Runner-up
  4. Miss Talent Award
  5. Miss Popular Award
  6. Miss Personality Award
  7. Miss Entrepreneurship Award
  8. Miss Social Service Award
  9. Miss Photogenic Award
  10. Miss Best smile
  11. Miss Best hair
  12. Miss Cat walk

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