Tilasmi Bista, Miss Nepal USA first runner up

Miss Nepal USA first runner up Talismi Bista likes volunteering, cliff diving, ice skating and working with disabled children. Bista loves fashion and has launched her own clothing line. She loves recycling everything and doesn’t like littering.


Talismi has set her eyes high and wants to be an anchor in CNN or Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight. Talismi likes sushi, momo, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Her favorite book is ‘My Sisters Keeper’ by Jodi Picoult. For movies, she loves watching scary movies.


SLC Princess 2012 announced

Season Media is organizing a beauty contest named “Kathmandu Barcelona SLC Princess 2012”.

We don’t know who will participate in such a beauty contest, but critics think this is the height of fooling people and organizing beauty contests that do not make any sense.


In an announcement in Facebook, one of the organizers has asked the participants, journalists and others to participate in the event.


This was one of the various beauty contests the organization organized. The media management organization has established itself as one of the beauty contest organizers that organizes various beauty contests for different targeted groups. The contests contain titles like SLC, Teen, Mrs. Miss, college, nurse etc.

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