15 contestants of Miss Sunar start training in Pokhara

A beauty contest among Sunar (Bishowkarma) beauties has started in Pokhara. After a number of selections, 15 beauties were selected for the final training of the beauty contest.

miss sunar bishowkarma 2014

The contestants of the first ever Miss Sunar beauty contest are:

  • Santoshi Sunar
  • Sushila Sunar
  • Shila Bishowkarma
  • Pratichha Sunar
  • Sachina Baral
  • Puspa Ramdam
  • Sapana Sunar
  • Barsha Sunar
  • Bulu Sunar
  • Shrijana Bishowkarma
  • Sangita Gadel
  • Parbati Sunar
  • Sita Ramdam
  • Smita Sunar
  • Sanju Sunar

Choreographer Manju Sunar with the help of Suman Sunar is training them in choreography. In later stage the contestants will go through personality development, public speaking, leadership, Montessori, cooking and their cultural identification.

miss sunar 2014

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